Expressions with the word jeito

The word jeito has quite a few meanings. 

The basic meaning of the word jeito is way, manner but in this post you’ll learn 6 very common expressions with this word that Brazilians use in colloquial conversation all the time.

1. ter jeito  

to have talent (for)
Eu não tenho jeito pra música
I don’t have talent for music.

The preposition you need to use with this expression is para.

You can also use the verb levar before jeito:

Eu não levo jeito pra música.

2. sem jeito
Ele ficou sem jeito e decidiu não falar com a menina.
He felt embarrassed and decidiu nao falar com a menina.

3. de qualquer jeito
Eu não fui convidado para a festa mas vou de qualquer jeito.
I wasn’t invited to the party but I’m going anyway. 

4. de jeito nenhum
no way
– Vamos sair hoje de noite? – Let’s go out tonight?

– Com esse tempo? De jeito nenhum! – With this weather? No way! 

5. dar um jeito 

to manage/to find a way to fix something/to sort something out
Eu tenho que dar um jeito na minha internet, ela tá muito devagar.
I decided to sort my life out. 

After dar um jeito you can use the preposition de before another verb or em before a noun, like the examples above.

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6. dar um jeitinho / jeitinho brasileiro
The expression dar um jeitinho is similar to dar um jeito, as we’ve seen above, but when you use the diminutive jeitinho (little way) or jeitinho brasileiro (little Brazilian way) it expresses the idea of getting what you want through “unconventional” ways, i.e. breaking the law/rules or social convention – this has a negative connotation because it suggests taking unfair advantage or even using bribery and corruption. (word jeito)

Let’s see an example. You are at the theatre box office trying to get tickets to see a very popular show. The person at the box office says to you it’s sold out. Then you can say:

Você não pode dar um jeitinho? Eu quero muito ver esse show!

However, the expressions can also have a positive connotation, implying the use of creative, unusual and inventive skills to get something, to solve your problems, without breaking the law or affecting others in a negative way.

So now you know some useful expressions with the word jeito that Brazilians use in colloquial conversation all the time!


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