Expressions with the word CARA (Part 2)

In this post we’ll continue our series about expressions with the word cara in Brazilian Portuguese.

If you haven’t checked Part 1, make sure you do that as well to learn 5 other expressions with cara in Brazilian Portuguese.

1. ficar/estar de cara com alguém

  • to become/to be annoyed, irritated, usually by what someone has done.

Marquei de encontrar a Claudia no cinema, mas ela não apareceu. Fiquei de cara com ela.

I arranged to meet Claudia at the cinema, but she didn’t turn up. I got annoyed with her.

Tô de cara com o Pedro. Ele ainda tá me devendo dinheiro.

I’m annoyed with Pedro. He still owns me money.

2. estar na cara

  • To be obvious.

 na cara que ele não vai ligar.

It was obvious he wasn’t going to call.

3. logo de cara

  • straight away, instantly

Logo de cara, percebi que ela tava mentindo. (cara in Brazilian Portuguese)

Straight away I realized she was lying.

4. dar de cara com alguém

  • to bump into someone

Ontem dei de cara com um amigo no Shopping Centre.

Yesterday, I bumped into a friend at the Shopping Centre. (cara in Brazilian Portuguese)

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5. tomar/criar vergonha na cara

  • to get one’s act together

Finalmente tomei vergonha na cara e decidi aprender a cozinhar!

I finally got my act together and decided to learn how to cook!

6. expensive

  • The word cara in Brazilian Portuguese can also be used as expensive, but only when used with feminine nouns (with masculine nouns we use caro)

Não vou comprar essa bolsa. É muito cara!

I’m not going to buy this bag. It’s too expensive!

7. dear

When writing more formal letters or emails it’s common for people to start by saying Caro if you’re addressing a man and Cara if you’re addressing a woman. The equivalent of the English Dear.

(cara in Brazilian Portuguese) 

8. heads or tails

The equivalent of ‘heads or tails’ in Portuguese is ‘cara ou coroa’, literally ‘face or crown’. This expression has its orgins in the old Portuguese coins, that on one side had the image of a face (cara) and the other the value of the coin and a symbol of the   Portuguese crown (coroa).


old portuguese coin to illustrate the expression 'cara ou coroa' in the post expressions with the word cara in Brazilian Portuguese.
Old Portuguese coin

Now you know 8 more expressions with the word cara in Brazilian Portuguese.  If you want to learn more common expressions in Brazilian Portuguese, check out my free download below:

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