Telephone Numbers in Brazilian Portuguese

In this post, we’ll practice numbers in Brazilian Portuguese, from 0 to 10. And I’ll test your listening skills, so grab pen and paper!

Watch the video below to practice the pronunciation of numbers in Brazilian Portuguese, from 0 to 10 and then test your knowledge by writing down the 5 made-up Brazilian mobile numbers that I say in the video. You will find the individual audio files further down the page.

How did you do? How many numbers did you write down correctly?

If you need a bit more practice, listen to the numbers in Brazilian Portuguese, from 1 to 10 again, by playing the audio file below:

Now practice saying each of the phone numbers individually by using the audio files below. Try a few times, each time trying to match my speed and intonation.


1.     95129085


2.     92771434


3.     92539075


4.     91665338


5.     99554646

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