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Quiz: Name the Item of Clothing

In this post, we’ll test your knowledge of items of clothing in Portuguese with the interactive quiz below.

Just under the quiz you will find the answers with a sound file to hear the pronunciation of each item of clothing in Portuguese. 

Now check your answers below and practice your pronunciation of each item of clothing – click play and repeat the word out loud:

1. bermuda  (fem.)

2. biquíni (masc.)

3. blusa (fem.) / blouse

4. blusão (masc.) / jumper, sweater

5. calça jeans (fem.)

6. calça social (fem.) / business/smart trousers

7. calção de banho (masc.) bathing shorts

8. calcinha (fem.) panties

9. camisa de manga comprida (fem.) long-sleeved shirt

10. camisa de manga curta (fem.) / short-sleeved shirt

11. camisa polo (fem.) polo shirt

12. camiseta (fem.) t-shirt

13. camisola (fem.) / nightgown

14. casaco (masc.) / coat

15. casaco de chuva (masc.) raincoat

16. cueca (fem.) / briefs

17. cueca samba-canção (fem.) / boxer shorts

18. jaqueta de jeans (fem.) denin jacket

19. maiô (masc.) / swimsuit

20. paletó (masc.) suit jacket

21. saia (fem.) / skirt

22. sunga (fem.) / trunks

23. sutiã (masc.) / bra

24. terno (masc.) / suit

25. vestido (masc.) / dress

How did you do? How many did you get right? Let me know in the comments below.

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