10 Cool Brazilian Portuguese Proverbs to Learn

Learning proverbs is a great way to expand your Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary. Here are just 10 of them. But before you get to them, try and do the exercise below, matching the word you think complete the proverb into the boxes. Then click  the ‘check’ button. To read about them afterwards keep scrolling down. Boa sorte!

*** Stop scrolling down here, if you don’t want to see the answers before doing the drag and drop exercise!***

1. "A cavalo dado não se olha os dentes."

Equivalence: “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”
Meaning: Don’t be ungrateful when you receive a gift.

2. "A esperança é a última que morre."

Translation: “Hope is the last to die.”
Meaning: Don’t give up!

3. "A mentira tem perna curta."

Literal Translation: “Lies have short legs.”
Meaning:  Truth will become known eventually.

4. "A melhor defesa é o ataque.""

Literal Translation: “The best defense is the attack.”
Equivalence: “The best defense is a good offense.”

5. "Aunião faz a força."

Translation: “Strength made from union.”
Equivalence: “United we stand, divided we fall.”

6. "Água mole em pedra dura, tanto bate até que fura."

Translation: “Soft water hitting on hard stone eventually makes a hole..”
Equivalence: “Don’t give up, you will eventually succeed..”

7. "Águas passadas não movem moinhos."

Translation: “Past waters don’t move watermills.”
Equivalence: “Past events have no impact today.

7. "Amor com amor se paga"

Translation: “Love is paid back with love.”

9. "Antes tarde do que nunca."

Equivalence: “Better late than never.”

10. "Antes só do que mal acompanhado."

Translation: “It’s better to be alone than in bad company.”

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