Practice Your Brazilian Portuguese with “Porta dos Fundos”

Livro-Porta-dos-FundosIn July 2012, a group of Rio comedians launched a YouTube channel with comedy sketches called “Porta dos Fundos” (Backdoor), which quickly became a huge success in Brazil. Intelligent comedy shows in Brazilian TV are very rare – the majority of them tend to rely heavily on slapstick and sexual puns, so it’s no surprise that Porta dos Fundos’ dry and witty humour has managed to attract millions of Brazilian viewers who were looking for better comedy shows than the ones offered by regular TV channels. Some of the sketches have been highly controversial in Brazil, especially the ones tackling religion and politics. But most of the subjects are universal, highlighting the surreal aspects of day-to-day situations. Whatching Porta dos Fundos’ videos is a great way to practice your Portuguese, especially if you are an Intermediate/Advanced student, but even if you have just started learning the language it is also a great way to familiarise yourself with the sound of Brazilian Portuguese and even pick up some common expressions along the way! To read more about the group check out these articles by The New York Times and Forbes. The New York Times: “On YouTube, Comedy Troupe Tickles Brazil and Ruffles Feathers” Forbes: “In the Land of Telenovelas, a YouTube Channel Gives a Glimpse of Scripted Entertainment’s Future” Bellow are two of my recent favourite videos. In the first one Jesus tries to get rid of Sandrinho’s “uncontrollable fire inside of him”; the second has a cameo by singer Ivete Sangalo, who is stopped by an annoying fan insisting on taking the perfect selfie; and the third one is a brilliant take on the often useless and inaccurate weather forecast news segments!  CURE

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