Learning with Brazilian Songs – Fica Tudo Bem

In this post, I’ll show you how you can improve your Portuguese by singing along to Brazilian songs.

And the Fun with Brazilian Portuguese Choir is back, singing a very cool Brazilian Song, Fica Tudo Bem, by Silva, featuring Anitta.

Singing-a-long to Brazilian songs is a fantastic way to learn and have fun at the same time. This helps  you improve your pronunciation, your listening skills, learn new words in context and even grammatical structures.

But there are a few things that I think you should bear in mind before you start learning with songs:

Pick music genre you like

This might sound obvious it’s important that you choose a song in the genre that you actually like. Do some research on Brazilian music first, there’s something for every taste: of course you have typical Brazilian genres like: samba, bossa nova, MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), but there’s also axé, forró, sertanejo, funk, rock and pop (likely to be pronounced in Brazil as ‘funkee’, ‘popee’ and ‘hawckee’).

Look for the original lyrics and translation

After you’ve picked a song you like, look for its translation into English or into your native language.  Lyrics translate is a great website for this purpose. If the song you like is not listed there you can actually request the song to be translated by other users of the website and before you know the song will be translated for you.

Learn what the song is about

Once you have both the original lyrics and the translation, listen to it a few times comparing each line of the original with translation, so you know what the song is actually about.

Sing-a-long to it and have fun!

Now you know what the song is about it’s time to have fun and sing-a-long to it. It will be difficult at the beginning, Remember this is a fun activity, enjoy listening to the song, keep singing-a-long to it and with time you’ll notice a significant improvement in your pronunciation.

The FWBP Choir is back!

I always encourage my private students and the members of the FWBP Academy to practice their Brazilian Portuguese with songs. There are two other sing-a-long videos here on my channel that I made with FWBP Academy Members: a Christmas song and an Easter song. Check them out!

Recently I manage to persuade a few members to take part in a new sing-along with me – the song I chose was Fica Tudo bem, by Silva, featuring Brazilian Pop princess Anitta. Make sure you check out the original video of this song below. I’ve also added a PDF with the lyrics and translation.


Happy singing!

cartoon of Fernando Nonohay singing


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