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O Leãozinho – Fill in the blanks exercise and translation

O Leãozinho is a classic song by Caetano Veloso. Try and do the exercise below first and then check the answers with the lyrics and the translation of O Leãozinho.

In an interview with Brazil’s Revista Epoca, Caetano says that he wrote the song to Dadi, a friend whom he used to adore when they were both young. Caetano goes on to say that “Dali was beautiful at the time, and he is a Leo, like me.” Check out the translation of O Leãozinho after the fill in the gaps exercise.

Now that you’ve done the exercise (how did you do?) check out the answers below along with the translation of O Leãozinho.

Gosto muito de te ver, leãozinho

Caminhando sob o sol

Gosto muito de você, leãozinho

Para desentristecer, leãozinho

O meu coração tão só

Basta eu encontrar você no caminho

Um filhote de leão, raio da manhã

Arrastando o meu olhar como um ímã

O meu coração é o sol, pai de toda cor

Quando ele lhe doura a pele ao léu

Gosto de te ver ao sol, leãozinho

De te ver entrar no mar

Tua pele, tua luz, tua juba

Gosto de ficar ao sol, leãozinho

De molhar minha juba

De estar perto de você e entrar no mar


I really like seeing you, little lion

Walking under the sun

I really like you, little lion

To undo the sadness,  little lion

of my oh-so-lonely heart,

I have only to find you along the way

A lion cub, morning ray

Drawing in my gaze like a magnet

My heart is the sun, father of all colours

When it lazily tans your skin

I really like seeing you, little lion

Seeing you go in the sea

Your skin, your light, your mane

I like being in the sun, little lion

To wet my maneT

To be near you and get in the sea

Caetano Veloso’s Official Website

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