How to Say BORING and BORED in Brazilian Portuguese

In this video, I’m going to show you how to say in Brazilian Portuguese that you find something or somebody boring.

We’ll also learn how to say that ‘I’m bored’ and what pubic lice (a.k.a. crabs) has to do with it!


One of the most common ways of saying boring or annoying is by using the adjective chato, or its feminine form chata (remember that adjectives need to agree in number and gender with what or who they refer to). In addition, another meaning of the adjective chato is flat as in a level surfaceFlat foot, for example, in Brazil is referred to as pé chato.

But let’s see some examples of chato as boring.

Esse filme é muito chato. This film is very boring.

Aquele cara é muito chato. That guy is very boring.

chato - how to say boring and bored in Brazilian Portuguese

Now the same examples using the feminine form:

Essa série é muito chata. This series is very boring.

Aquela mulher é muito chata. That woman is very boring.

chato - how to say boring and bored in Brazilian Portuguese

There are two other common ways of referring to someone as boring or annoying:
mala sem alça, literally suitcase without a handle,

and pé no saco, which literally translates as a foot in the sack meaning a pain in the balls (which is not something very pleasant!).

Now, let’s see how to say I’m bored:

If you want to say you’re bored you actually need to be a bit careful here – you need to say Estou entediado. (or entediada, if you’re a woman). It comes from the noun tédio, very similar to English which means tedium, boredom.

If you say Estou chateado. (or chateada), you’re actually saying I’m upset.


The use of the word chato to refer to somebody or something we find annoying or boring possibly comes from another meaning of the word which is pubic louse. So, pubic louse in Brazil is commonly known as chato.

chato - how to say boring and bored in Brazilian Portuguese

👉 Now, here’s a challenge for you if you’d like to practice your writing:

Make up a sentence using the adjective chato or chata. Write it in the comments and I’ll comment with my corrections if necessary.

The word chato is is actually one of the words that I included in my freebie ‘Show de Bola – 100 Everyday Expressions in Brazilian Portuguese‘ If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can grab it below completely free.


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