How to Flirt in Brazilian Portuguese

In this post we’re going to talk about love and how to flirt in Brazilian Portuguese.

We’re going to practice 10 phrases that you can say to someone if you want to flirt in Brazilian Portuguese with them!

1. Let’s suppose you are in a bar and you want to come up to someone and say Hi, how are you. Would you like to drink?


Oi, tudo bem? Você quer uma bebida?


2. You want to ask for their name. Here there are two main options:


Qual é o seu nome?


Como você se chama?


3. It’s probably a good idea to check if they’ve got a boyfriend or a girlfriend:


Você tem namorado ou namorada? (flirt in Brazilian Portuguese)


4. You can start saying nice things about them:


Você é muito bonito. (You’re very handsome)

Você é muito bonita. (You’re very pretty)

You can substitute ‘bonito(a)’ for other adjectives:

lindo (m.) or linda (fem.) – beautiful

sexy (both m. and fem.)

gostoso (m.) or gostosa (fem.) –  literally ‘delicious’, but it is slang for ‘sexy’.


5. You can say You have a nice smile:


Você tem um sorriso muito bonito. 


6.  You want to ask the person you’re flirting with if they would like to go somewhere else, so you can ask:


Você quer ir pra um outro lugar? (flirt in Brazilian Portuguese)


7. If you would like to ask the person: Would you like to go out with me next week? You can say:


Você quer sair comigo na semana que vem?

Now, here you can replace sair with other things, like, jantar (to have dinner), tomar um café (to have a coffee), or ir ao cinema (to go to the cinema), for example. 


8. You wanna ask them what their phone number is, so you can say:


Qual é o seu número?


Qual é o seu telefone?


9. You want to say to the person that you like them very much:


Eu gosto muito de você.


10. Things are going really well, you’ve met the person, you’ve been out with them for a few times and you want to say I love you:


Eu te amo. Here, you can leave ‘Eu’ out, and just say:

Te amo.

Another way of saying it is

Eu amo você.


So, now you know all the essential phrases you need if you want to flirt in Brazilian Portuguese!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments and don’t forget to check the Fun With Brazilian Portuguese Membership, if you want to start learning or improving your Brazilian Portuguese

Muito obrigado, e até a próxima!


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