Expressions with the word SACO

In this video, we’ll have a look at the word saco, it’s basic meaning and some very popular expressions with it as well.

The word saco is a masculine noun and in terms of pronunciation I have two tips:

The first one is that a has an [ah] sound so it’s a very open [ah]. The o at the end, has an [oo] sound, [oo], so repeat after me: 

It’s basic meaning is sack or bag.

Let’s have a look at some examples.

– O saco do Papai-Noel é vermelho. / Santa’s sack is red.

The word saco is also used to refer to the scrotum.

– O Papai-Noel levou um chute no saco. / Santa’s got kicked in the sack (in the balls).

There are some very popular slang with his word as well:

👉 saco is often used to describe something or someone as boring, annoying.

– O que você achou do filme? / What did you think of the film?

– Achei um saco! / I though it was a bore!

O Roberto é um saco! / Roberto is a bore.


👉There’s also the expression pé-no-saco (literally, ‘foot in the sac‘) used to describe someone who is boring or annoying.


O Roberto é um pé no saco! / Roberto is a pain in the neck.

If you want to express that you find something boring, and it’s clear in the situation what you’re referring to, you can just say

Que saco! / How boring!

If the other person is not sure what you’re referring to, they’ll probably just ask you to clarify. 


👉Similarly, we have encher o saco. The verb encher means to fill.

Literally: to fill the sack, meaning to bore, to bother, to pester someone.

Para de encher o meu saco! / Stop bothering me!


👉We also have puxar o saco (de alguém).

The verb puxar means to pull, so literally to pull someone’s sack. In this case, though, it means to overly flatter someone for personal gain. In other words, to kiss someone’s ass.

Ele sempre puxa o saco do chefe. / He is always kissing the boss’ ass.


👉 We also have puxa-saco, which is used as an adjective to describe someone as an ass-kisser.

Ele é o maior puxa-saco da empresa. / He’s the biggest ass-kisser in the company.

If you’d like to practice your writing and get my feedback, make up a sentence with the word saco and write it in the comments.

Muito obrigado. I hope you enjoyed this video. Até a próxima! Tchau!

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