Expressions with the word BOLA

In this video, you’ll learn three very common expressions with the word bola.

Brazil is famous for its ‘futebol’, so it’s no surprise that there are quite a few expressions with the word bola in Brazilian Portuguese.


1. show de bola

Lit. ‘show of ball’. Used to describe something that is very good, great, of excellent quality.

– Esse carro é um show de bola!

– This car is excellent!

2. pisar na bola

Lit. ‘to step on the ball’. To make a mistake; to mess up; to drop the ball

– Desculpa, pisei na bola.

– Sorry, I’ve messed up.


3. dar bola

Lit. ‘to give ball’. To flirt; to take notice of someone; to check someone out.

– Aquele cara tá dando bola pra você.

– That guy is flirting with you.

Depending on the context, this expression can also mean ‘to pay attention to someone/something’

– Eu não dou bola pras pessoas mal-educadas.

– I don’t pay attention to rude people.


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