Different Meanings & Expressions with JÁ

In this post, you’ll learn the different meanings and some expressions with the word .

Students of Portuguese often get confused by the word word, as it can have different meanings, depending on the context, and there are quite a few expressions with this word as well.


The word can be translated as yet in questions:

– Você já jantou? / – Have you had dinner yet?

Also, in questions the word can be translated as already, when you want to express surprise that something happened sooner than expected:

– Você já jantou? / – Have you had dinner already?

Now let’s see some possible answers to this question. If the answer is yes, you can say:

– Sim, já jantei. / – Yes, I’ve already had dinner.

Or you could say:

– Já, já jantei. / – Yes, I’ve already had dinner.

or simply:

– Já. / Yes. (Literally: ”Already”)

If the answer is no, you could say:

– Não. Ainda não jantei. / – No. I haven’t had dinner yet.

or simply:

– Ainda não. / – Not yet. (Lit. ”Sill no”)

Here are some common expressions with the word :

1.  já que…

This can be translated as now that… or since… 

– Já que eu estou aqui, vou pedir uma cerveja! / – Since/Now that I’m here I’m going to order a beer.

2. volto já

– Volto já! / – I’ll be right back!

The verb voltar means to come back“.

The order here can be flipped:

– Já volto! / – I’ll be right back!

Sometimes Brazilians will say the word twice to reinforce its meaning:

– Volto já já! / – I’ll be right back!

3. já vou

Similarly, you can use the word with the verb ir (to go):

– Já vou! / – I’ll be right there!

4. é pra já

This can be translated as It’ll do it straight away! or I’m on it! when someone asks you to do something.

– Você pode imprimir esse relatório pra mim, por favor? / – Can you print this report for me, please?

– É pra já? / – I’m on it!

5. já era

This can be translated as It’s over! or There’s no more! or It’s gone!

– Cadê o bolo que estava aqui? / – Where’s the cake that was here?

– Já era! / – Gone!

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to know how “Já” translates, or at least what connotation it has in the following sentence:
    Já o INSS diz que os peritos pedem melhorias que estariam além do escopo de prevenção do coronavírus.

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