Brazilian Portuguese Christmas Vocabulary

In this post you’re going to learn and practice our pronunciation of 15 words and expressions to Christmas in Brazilian Portuguese.

Watch the video below to learn some words related to Christmas in Brazilian Portuguese. Below the video you will find all the words again, this time with audio files so that you can practice your pronunciation one more time and a selection of activities.

Let’s start with véspera de natal  Christmas Eve, and that’s when most actually celebrate Christmas. They’ll have the Christmas dinner, ceia de natal when they’ll most likely

have peru, turkey, as the main dish. Some families might do Secret Santa, amigo secreto, which literally translates as secret friend. They’ll exchange their presents, presentes.

and if they hadn’t sent them by post before they will also hand out their Christmas cards, cartões de natal – cartão de natal, in the singular. The Midnight Mass or Christmas Mass is Missa do Galo, which literally translates as The Mass of the Rooster. Father Christmas is Papai Noel. 

We’ve got the Christmas treeárvore de natal. The Christmas decorations, decorações de natal and we’ve got the Christmas ornaments, enfeites de natal.

One of the Christmas ornaments is the Christmas bauble which in Portuguese is bola de natal or we use sometimes use the diminutive, bolinha de natal. We also have the guirlandathe Christmas wreath. We’ve got the nativity scene: presépio, and, to wish a Happy Christmas: Feliz Natal!

Now practice the new vocabulary with the activities below.

1. véspera de natal  / Christmas Eve

2.  ceia de natal  / Christmas dinner

3. peru  / turkey

4.  amigo secreto  / secret santa

5. presentes / presents

6. cartão de natal / Christmas card 

7. missa do galo / Christmas Mass

8. Papai Noel / Santa Claus

9. árvore de natal / Christmas tree

10. decorações de natal / Christmas decorations

11. enfeites de natal / Christmas ornaments

12. bola de natal / Christmas bauble

13. guirlanda / Christmas wreath

14. presépio / nativity scene

15. Feliz Natal! / Happy Christmas!

Now you now 15 words related to Christmas in Brazilian Portuguese.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for watching my videos, and thank your for your likes and comments. 

Have a wonderful Christmas! 

Feliz Natal!

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