Brazilian Portuguese Religious Interjections

In this video, you’ll learn four common Brazilian Portuguese interjections that have their origin in religion.

Brazil is a very religious country (predominantly Catholic), so many everyday Brazilian Portuguese interjections have religious origins. Today we’re going to see 4 of these common interjections. 


1. – Credo! / – Cruz credo!

Credo! or  Cruz credo! are used to express repugnance, fear or disgust of something. The word cruz means cross and the word credo means creed. This Brazilian Portuguese interjection would be something like Good grief! or Goodness me! in English!!

– Credo! Que tempo horrível!

– Goodness me! What terrible weather!

2. – Vixe! / – Vixe Maria!

Vixe! comes from Vixe Maria! , which in turn comes from Virgem Maria (Virgin Mary). This Brazilian Portuguese interjection is used to express surprise, disbelief. Something like holy mother! or holy crap!

– Vixe! O que é isso!?

– Holy crap! What is that!?


3. – Aff! / – Aff Maria! / Ave Maria!

Similarly we the interjection Aff! which comes from Ave Maria! Normally used to express disapproval, irritation, frustration.

– Aff! Lá vem ele de novo!

– Ugh! There he comes again!

3. – Nossa! / – Nossa Senhora!

The last Brazilian Portuguese interjection we’re going to see today is Nossa! or Nossa Senhora! – both come from Nossa Senhora Aparecida – Our Lady of Aparecida, considered the Patroness of Brazil. They are used as exclamations of surprise/astonishment, like Wow! or Gosh! in English.

– Nossa! Que dia lindo!

– Wow! What a beautiful day!


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