Achar vs. Pensar

In this post you’re goint to learn the difference between the verbs ‘achar’ and ‘pensar’, and when to use one or the other.

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Easter in Portuguese

Sing-a-long to Coelhinho da Páscoa

In this post you’ll learn some vocabulary related to Easter in Portuguese and practice your pronunciation of some tricky Brazilian Portuguese sounds by learning how to sing a famous kids Easter Song: Coelhinho da Páscoa.

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pagar um mico - brazilian Portuguese

Pagar um Mico

In this post, you’ll learn a very popular expression in Brazilian Portuguese that literally translates as ‘to pay a monkey’ – ‘pagar um mico’.

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How to use the word saudade

How to use the word SAUDADE

In this post you will learn what the word ‘saudade’ means, verbs and prepositions to use with it, and lots of examples of sentences using this very important word for Brazilians!

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Understand Brazilian Portuguese - Fernando Nonohay - Fun With Brazilian Portuguese

How to Understand Brazilians

Do you find it hard to understand Brazilians when they speak? In this post, I’ll show you how to improve your listening skills and how to watch Brazilian films to maximise your learning.

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Feature image showing Fernando Nonohay pointing at the verbs ser and estar


Confused about when to use ser and estar? Both mean ‘to be’, but in this post you learn the key differences between them.

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Fernando Nonohay and the title of the post pronouncing ão

How to pronounce ão

One of the hardest things for students of Brazilian Portuguese is learning the right pronunciation of ão. In this post, you will learn some tricks that will make much easier to get the pronunciation of words ending in -ão every time.

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Fernando Nonohay pointing at the letter R sitting on his hand with the title How to pronounce the letter R in Brazilian Portuguese.

How to Pronounce the letter R in Brazilian Portuguese

Learn how to pronounce the letter R in Brazilian Portuguese once and for all! In this post, you will learn the two main different sounds of it and know which one to say according to whether it’s a double R or single R and where the single R is positioned in the word. With a bonus test!

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Oito Anos

Translation and vocabulary analysis of Oito Anos, a song by Paula Toller written about her eight-year-old son.

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