9 Difficult Words to Pronounce

In this post we’ll do some pronunciation practice together, using a 2018 BBC Brasil video.

In this video, journalists from outside Brazil try to guess the right pronunciation of some tricky Portuguese words. The video, however, doesn’t actually show viewers the right way to pronounce them, as it was made for a Brazilian audience, so there was no need for that.

In this video, I’ll show you exactly how to pronounce each of the 9 words featured in the BBC video, which you will find in full further down the page.


💥 1. horroroso / horrific; terrible; horrible


💥 2. amanhã / tomorrow

💥 3. exceção / exception

💥 4. estrangeiro / foreign; foreigner

💥 5. tropeçar / to stumble

💥 6. paixão / passion

💥 7. cachorro / dog

💥 8. lagartixa / lizard; gecko

💥 9. cachaça

A white spirit made of sugar cane – the base of the Brazilian cocktail, caipirinha.


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