10 Expressions with the word DEUS

In a previous post I talked about common interjections in Brazilian Portuguese that have their origin in religion. 

In this post you’ll learn 10 common expressions with the word DEUS. It’s important to note that some of these expressions are likely to be used by religious people, however, because they have become so common in colloquial conversation in Brazil, they are also sometimes used by people who are not religious, just like in English with expressions like My God! or Thank God!


1. – Meu Deus!

My God!

2. – Graças a Deus!

Thank God!

3. – Se Deus quiser

By God’s will (Lit. If God wants)

4. – Deus me livre!

God forbid! 

5. – Pelo Amor de Deus!

By the love of God! 

6. – Deus te abençoe!

God bless you!

7. – Juro por Deus!

I swear to God!

8. – Vai com Deus.

Go with God.

9. – Fica com Deus.

Stay with God.

10. – Deus ajuda quem cedo madruga.

(Lit. God helps those who wake up early)

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