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Smartphone Apps for learners of Brazilian Portuguese

There are many Brazilian Portuguese apps out there that students can use to support their learning of Brazilian Portuguese. Here is my review of just some of them. 

Do you use any Brazilian Portuguese apps to help you learn Portuguese? If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments box. 

1. Portuguese Dictionary & Translator - Ascendo Inc.

If I had to recommend just one app out of all the Brazilian Portuguese apps that I researched for this post, this would be it. It’s a fantastic all-rounder, an extremely useful tool for learners of Portuguese (both Brazilian and European). It’s a fantastic all-rounder, an extremely useful tool for learners of Portuguese (both Brazilian and European).
The dictionary is one of the best available in the market, with excellent features such as pronunciation of words (you can select the accent you want in the settings, Brazilian or European – ios version) and the ability to add notes. 
But the app is much more than just a dictionary – it’s also a phrasebook (perfect for those going to Brazil on holiday), a verb conjugator (essential for students), fun vocabulary quizzes, translator and flashcards.
There are a lot of Portuguese learning apps out there and they are mostly put together very quickly, obviously with the intention to make a quick buck, but you can see that there was a lot of thought put behind this one. It’s also very intuitive with a simple and clean interface.
By far the best app for students of Portuguese. 

The standard app is free, but the yearly subscription gives you access to the extended versions of the dictionary, phrasebook and verb conjugator.

ios and Android.

2. Learn Portuguese - Tudo Bem

Good vocabulary builder app. The sound is clear and the interface looks quite polished. The game doesn’t give you the right answer when you click on the wrong option, so you need to click on all of them until it tells you it’s the right one. Extensive selection of words and categories. It looks very nice and it’s a great tool to expand your vocabulary.


3. Portuguese Class - Ceardannan

This app covers vocabulary, verbs, grammar and phrases with a good variety of exercises.  However, the audio features require the (paid) installation of SVox Voice, which is a bit fiddly and not that great. The interface looks quite basic, there’s still room for improvement.

Free, with the option of a paid, extended version. Available for both Apple and Android devices.


Nice, colorful interface, but might be too easy and basic for more advanced students. It’s OK for beginner students to build vocabulary.

ios and android

5. Duolingo

Duolingo needs no introduction. It’s a hugely popular app, loved by many. It looks great and it does a fantastic job of using gamification to keep users engaged. One of the problems I have with the app is that there are quite a lot of phrases that are just so random you would never actually use them in real life. The other problem I have with the app is the lack of grammatical explanations, included in the learning flow. Emphasis on communication and pronunciation is fine, but there has to be some explanation of grammar and structure. If there is one thing that I do like about it is the feedback it gives you on pronunciation. 

ios and android

6. HELLO-HELLO PORTUGUESE (£9.99) Also available for iphone/ipad

It’s divided into three levels of 10 lessons. Each lesson is a dialogue, which can be broken down into “get the meaning”, “now you say it”, “now you write it”, “build your vocab” and “let’s practice”. It’s OK for students who already have some knowledge of Portuguese structure who want to expand their vocabulary.

Background noise on the recordings, no structure and grammar sections. The dialogues are quite advanced, even on lesson 1, which is supposed to be for beginners. Each lesson has to be downloaded individually which can be annoying and time-consuming.

It looks quite polished but the “lessons” are not really lessons, just vocabulary-building exercises, no sections on grammar or structure.

ios and android


Vocabulary game app with a nice interface with good quality images. However,  Brazilian Portuguese apps focused on vocabulary need to have good content. Unfortunately, this is not the case here. The content is very basic and limited. There is not enough content to justify its price. It’s an OK vocabulary builder app but that’s about it.

ios and android


Good dictionary. However, the adverts and regular messages asking you to purchase the full version are annoying. Also, the “Play translation” feature didn’t work most of the times I tried and when it did work the voice sounded quite robotic. There is a paid ad-free version.



Verb conjugator. It only gives you the basic meaning of each verb. It requires you to install Portuguese Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine from external vendor, but even after I did it I still had problems with the glitchy pronunciation feature.  The paid version is supposed to have a few more features, such as grammar section and off-line mode.



Advanced students can use it to test their knowledge of verb tenses. On each screen, there is a verb, a tense and a pronoun and you are supposed to conjugate (to yourself – there’s no way to input the answer) and then check it if you were right or wrong. The interface looks very basic. It’s a good idea for a language app, but out of all the Brazilian Portuguese apps I tried this is the most poorly executed one.


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